Andrew Guthrie King (usually referred to as Andy) is the uncle of Errol Meyer and one of the main characters in Uncle. The show mainly follows Andy's drama and constant growth towards maturity.

Personality Edit

Andy is referred to as a "man-child". at the start of the series he was often self-centred and hung up on old flings. He often enacts self-destructive behaviour and gets into his "typical shitstorm" Nearing the end of the series he'd matured and began to learn to take his relationships, romantic and otherwise, seriously.

Appearance Edit

Andy has brown hair and a thick build. He has facial hair and grey eyes. His clothing is usually informal. It is stated in the episode. It is stated in the episode "Father's day" that he has a tattoo saying "Will you go out with me Delores" on his backside.

Relationships Edit

Errol Meyer Edit

At the start of the series Andy is sees Errol as a burden and only mentioned him for his own gain. Errol and Andy have a very close relationship. This can be seen in the episode "The Last Assembly" where Andy is willing to give up a big opportunity when Errol is not allowed to go with him. He can be dismissive towards Errol at times when he is caught up in his madness, most prominently seen in season 1 episode 5 where he often hangs up on Errol and is dismissive towards his problems. However when Errol is in true distress or seems like he's not on Andy's side he will often work to make Errol happy.

Samantha King Edit

Andy is shown to be quite fond of Sam and truly loves her. he can act lazy when asked to do favours or jobs for her but overall Andy and Sam don't usually disagree. They do often make friendly jabs towards each other and are very calm around each other. Andy is shown to try and help Samantha whenever she is under a lot of stress.

Bruce Edit

Bruce and Andy are friendly with each other and became more friendly over the course of the series. He became apprehensive as Sam began to get in a relation ship with Bruce. Eventually, though, he began to accept him and have respect for him.

Ben Meyer Edit

Andy and Ben have never really gotten along though near the end of the series they learned to co-exist. Andy was not very fond of Ben even before he met Errol. Andy eventually giving him the nickname "Ben-dy dick". After meeting Errol, Andy butted heads with Ben more than usual. Eventually the tension between them reached it's boiling point when Errol took MDMA at a party at Rage Records. This caused Ben and Sam to file a restraining order against him in which Andy could not get within 200 feet of him.

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